Thursday, October 23, 2014

[Throwback Thursday 10.23.2014] Memories of Azkaban

Expecto Patronum you say?

Throughout my years of stay in this job, I've seen how Halloween has evolved into one of the most-awaited occasions here at our head office. From simple trick or treat activities organized by small groups many years ago, Halloween celebrations have since grown in scope that later involved decorating office areas and which have only become grander each year. Our HR has even been handing out prizes for the "best floor" for the last 3 years.

Zooming in on our department, we first tried our hand at serious decorating 7 years ago in 2007. We held a contest where cubicles were clustered into teams, competing for cash prizes donated by our bosses. At the time we fondly called our area "Azkaban" after a floor re-layout that left us feeling we were in an enclosed pen or something. Anyway, we stuck with it and used it as our theme for the decorating contest.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[Lookbook 10.22.2014] Gray, brown, and a touch of red


I realized I've been too busy with a lot of things both at work and at home, and that I haven't even had the time to post something in a week. Now an outfit post should at least address that.

Today's look is purposely casual because I was going out to a different office for a meeting. And since that meeting was basically with engineers, I felt I would be totally out of place if I dressed up. Besides, it's not like the venue was within the business district. So I wore jeans. Leggings jeans as Uniqlo calls it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[Lookbook 10.14.14] Purple delight


I thought of wearing a proper office shirt today--you know, that simple, classic, long-sleeved, buttoned type that's best worn with a necktie. But then I ended up not looking very business-like.

Friday, October 10, 2014

[Lookbook 10.10.2014] Blade runner


It was the last day of our week-long #OurSmartStyle wellness fair at the office today. Aside from it being our last chance to score some discounted stuff, it was also our last chance to exploit the photo booth. Unfortunately for my teammates and I, others had the same thing in mind as well, so our time in front of the photo wall was limited.

And unfortunately for me and my narcissistic tendencies, it meant I couldn't use the mini-stage for my outfit post. Nonetheless I took to the "sidelines" and made use of other backdrops and props. Haha!

[Lookbook 10.09.2014] Color-taming


Despite all the deadlines and the gazillion more things to do, it's fun times at work this week as our HR is holding a wellness fair for us with a particular focus on style. Dubbed #OurSmartStyle, the week-long event features booths from various partners like Robinsons Dept. Store, Belo Medical Group, Fitness First, G2000, Basic House, and more. There's everything from discounted apparel and fragrances to free hair and makeup.

So my colleagues and I checked out the photobooth at the lobby. But since 4 shots and 1 print clearly ain't enough, we also brought our own camera. And of course I got some shots for this outfit post.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Team building fun at Gratchi's Getaway, Tagaytay

The threat of rain that never came as everyone was huddled inside one of around 3 or 4 "tents" at Gratchi's.

My colleagues and I enjoyed a fun-filled Friday last week as we all trooped to Gratchi's Getaway in Tagaytay for a cascade and team building session. Technically it's in Silang, Cavite but as with a lot of other establishments, it chose to adopt the more recognizable Tagaytay as its location.

Set along a rolling and hilly terrain with wide open spaces, Gratchi's specifically caters to groups and companies looking for a venue for their team building activities. So what do they have here? Let's take a look.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

[Lookbook 10.03.2014] Sleek but chill


Our department had a little cascade and team building yesterday in Tagaytay. It was definitely a fun day for all of us, capped by a very filling dinner.

For the most part of the day I was just clad in shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops. But before we left the team-building site and right after a good shower, I changed into walking shorts and a turtleneck top. I chose this long-sleeve top supposedly in preparation for colder temperatures at night but unfortunately it didn't get that cold. Good thing the turtleneck is light enough that I didn't sweat.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Shop at for less

01 armani collezioni

Yeah, I know, top model Sean O'Pry looks dashing in that suit that he so comfortably dressed down a bit by going tie-less. It's an Armani suit, no wonder.

But just how can I possibly afford $2,195, you might ask. Well, for many of us who don't belong to the 1%, we can save up but unfortunately that will take time. But how about if we can slash a couple hundred dollars off that, say, 15%? How about 25%, or even 60%? That would definitely lessen the time it will take for us to save up on the right amount, don't you think?

And yes, that is very possible through Nordstrom coupons. Every time I go flipping through GQ's April and September issues--fashion magazine-dom's biggest--I always go slowly over those Nordstrom ads with wishful thinking that I could own such exquisite pieces.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[Lookbook 10.01.2014] "Button-down" buttoned up

"Hooh! Who's that guy?" our little girl Thordis mused.

I'm not trying to be some snooty menswear guru but I get irked every time I see posts advertising "button-downs" when they're all simply referring to a buttoned shirt (or button-front shirt, if you will). I see them everywhere, ironically even on local men's fashion magazines and from local brands themselves.

I've long learned that a button-down is a shirt whose collar tips are fastened to the shirt's front panel with buttons, hence the name. By no means does it refer to any shirt with buttons on the front as a lot of local brands and magazines purport them to be.
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