Wednesday, July 5, 2017

TRAVEL | Pililia Wind Farm: A closer alternative to Bangui

halfwhiteboy - pililia wind farm 01
So close to Metro Manila, this wind farm.

Everybody knows about the coastal wind farm of Bangui, Ilocos Norte, which through the years has turned into a tourist attraction and is now practically a requisite stop for anyone traveling to Laoag or Pagudpud. But did you know that there's now such a wind farm that's so close to Metro Manila?

Although it's really no secret, a lot of people probably still haven't heard of the Pililia Wind Farm. Located on the hills of Brgy. Halayhayin in the town of Pililia, Rizal, the place is steadily becoming a tourist attraction of sorts, though most likely as a brief stopover on the way back to Metro Manila.

Well, we did just that. After spending two nights at Ted's Bed and Breakfast in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, we picked the Rizal route back to Manila so we could drop by and check these gigantic fans out.

halfwhiteboy - pililia wind farm 02
"Giant fan."

halfwhiteboy - pililia wind farm 03
Maybe it's their sheer size but wind turbines never cease to captivate me.

The company that operates the turbines is kind enough to allow visitors on the property. Though understandably with a few cordoned off areas that are off-limits, the place is very visitor-friendly. There are a lot of parking spaces and even a few stalls selling food and drinks.

Unlike Bangui where the turbines are planted beautifully in a curve along the shoreline with no obstruction whatsoever, Pililia's are propped up on hills and you need to find the right vantage point if you wish to see them all at once. It was already getting dark when we arrived and we were tired, so I didn't bother finding that ideal angle anymore. But I imagine it would be an awesome experience to stay a little longer and go around, more so if the sky were painted in that ideal blue that looks so good in photographs.

Still, it was nice to see the turbines up close. Do drop by if you can.

halfwhiteboy - pililia wind farm 04
Harvesting nature's energy to fill man's ever increasing need for electricity.

How to get there? I have no idea how if using public transport. But if you're driving, Google Maps was very reliable from our experience. It's just a relatively short uphill drive from the highway.

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