Thursday, August 31, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Camo coordinated redux

halfwhiteboy - camo on camo 01

It's been a while since I last sported a camo on camo ensemble, more so this matching camo shirt and joggers set that's been hiding in my closet for some time now.

Wearing a camo piece is fun, so why not double the fun by going all camo? To avoid looking awkward I guess you just have to exude confidence and own it. Yeah!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

TRAVEL | St Moritz Swiss Inn: A small and homey B&B in Antipolo

halfwhiteboy - st moritz swiss inn antipolo 01
Our bedroom during our stay at St Moritz Swiss Inn.

When I think of bed and breakfasts, it's Tagaytay and Laguna that usually come to mind. Personally I wouldn't think of Antipolo at all. I know the place has pool resorts the likes of Pansol and Los BaƱos in Laguna but a B&B would never cross my mind. However, when we chanced upon Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant, we learned that they have a B&B. Perfect, I thought, because Antipolo is an out of town destination for me and I've long wanted to visit Pinto Art Museum and Hinulugang Taktak.

St Mortiz Swiss Inn is a small 3-bedroom B&B right next to Vieux Chalet. Here's a rundown of our experience.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Barong Tagalog and sneakers for 'Buwan ng Wika'

halfwhiteboy - barong tagalog and sneakers 01
Looking oh, so dignified here.

Although the celebrations are normally concentrated in elementary schools, August is Buwan ng Wika (Language Month) in the Philippines. Along with dressing up in various traditional Filipino costumes, schools usually hold programs and contests showcasing the national language and traditional Filipino songs and dances.

Our department decided to join in the fun by designating a special day yesterday where everyone was required to wear a traditional Filipino costume reinterpreted for modern times. Two years ago when we first held this event, I found myself wearing an ethnic-designed shirt with a malong.

This year I decided on a Barong Tagalog, considered our national formal wear for men. But no one wants to go all formal on a Friday, so I wore my Barong Tagalog with sneakers. I thought, if a full-on suit works just fine with sneakers, a barong would be just as perfect with this type of footwear.

DINING | Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant: Serving good food atop the hills of Antipolo since 1984

halfwhiteboy - vieux chalet, antipolo 01
Vieux Chalet's festive but homey interiors.

It's been around since 1984 but I honestly have never heard of this restaurant before. Nonetheless I'm thankful that Kwittiegirl stumbled upon it while searching for a place to eat on our way back to Manila one night. Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant in Antipolo, Rizal proved to be an awesome discovery that we immediately went back the following week.

Here's a rundown of our experience, a review, if you may.

Design and ambiance
With an unmistakable homey feel to it, Vieux Chalet was a house after all, a rustic cabin-type abode surrounded by trees and all sorts of ornamental plants. The colorfully painted concrete flooring that greets guests upon entering the gate immediately lends some cheer. There's outdoor seating but which don't serve any dining purpose at all. There are a couple of rabbits on one side and a pair of hamsters right by the short staircase. And oh, they have a chow-chow who just wants to be left alone. It's easy to forget that this is a restaurant after all.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

LOOKBOOK | Denim on denim

halfwhiteboy - denim on denim 01

For years menswear bibles often wrote against wearing denim on denim, and wanted you to cringe by flashing photos of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears clad in matching head-to-toe denim back in 2001. Later, though, these menswear authorities softened their stance and even offered advice on how to pull it off, like the jeans should be darker than the denim jacket and all that.

Today, denim on denim is commonplace, and the hues couldn't be any lighter. What their position is now, I don't know.
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