Tuesday, July 17, 2018

LOOKBOOK | A touch of summer in monsoon weather

halfwhiteboy - summer print bomber jacket 01

Who says we all need to dress up dark and dreary during days when it's gloomy and rainy? We could all use some color or summer element to usher in some cheer, couldn't we?

Here I'm taking my tropical print bomber jacket for a spin. Aside from the green, the pops of orange and smaller streaks of blue provide much needed color for the rainy days. It's all still anchored on black, though, so I'm not completely out of touch with the weather.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

FRAGRANCE | Vial trial: The Uncompromising Sohan (from the Penhaligon's Portraits Collection)

halfwhiteboy - penhaligon's the uncompromising sohan

Vial Trials are my reviews of sample fragrances given out by sales people from various store purchases. Compared to my posts about full bottles--which are mostly positive because I already like them in the first place, that's why I bought them--Vial Trials are hopefully less one-sided since they were just given to me; I didn't pick them.

Here I'm writing about The Uncompromising Sohan from the Penhaligon's Portraits Collection. I admit that I was taken aback by this fragrance when I first tested it. I felt like it didn't agree with my body chemistry that it smelled pungent on my skin, like BO. I tried it again, same reaction. Then I finally decided to wear it one Saturday out to the mall and only then did I start to appreciate it. It helped that Kwittiegirl said it definitely does not smell like BO.
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