The ungrateful stray cat: "Guilty" as charged

For a few weeks now, we've been feeding a black-and-white stray cat we call Guilty. MBK and I call him that way 'cause whenever we catch him straying inside our fence, he gives us that "guilty" look like that of someone caught in the act of doing something mischievous, then quickly runs away. It has always been that way for more than two years now.

We came home one afternoon and the same familiar scene played except that he didn't flee as fast as he usually did. Maybe it helped that we kept on coaxing him to come near. And surprise, surprise - he meowed at us and started approaching us cautiously! Then we fed him and he kept on coming back ever since.

Unlike our own cat, Kwittie Boy, Guilty was extremely affectionate. (But mind you, petting him gives me that icky feeling, so I never did again after once.) He also is a little aggressive in terms of trying to get inside our house. But of course, we never let him in for fear that he might infect our own cat with something Kwittie Boy has not developed an immunity from.

We came home last night and heard our own Kwittie Boy giving that familiar soft meow as I was unlocking the door. MBK was meowing in return and Guilty quickly appeared as I opened the door. Everything happened so fast. He came right inside the house and met Kwittie Boy face to face. And then the unthinkable happened.

Without notice, Guilty attacked poor Kwittie Boy. I was horrified that I was shouting and they broke off abruptly. Kwittie Boy climbed up the staircase in retreat and the ungrateful stray cat ran through the door. That's it for Guilty. No more precious cat food. Not even leftovers from our cat. Good riddance, I thought.

Kwittie Boy was obviously upset and stressed so I attempted to calm him down. Poor thing, he kept on glancing at the door every once in a while. I started thinking evil thoughts. I'm one vindictive cat owner, yes. And I am still seething with anger at that stray. But for everyone's relief, especially for animal rights activists out there, I didn't do him any harm.

For now, at least. (Evil grin...)


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