Friday, May 6, 2011

Your finances: getting the entire picture

Recently I've been on a roll over posting everything about vacations, which all mean spending. And I have another vacation coming up in a few days. And another one a few weeks after that. It's so easy to spend but earning something to spend ain't that breezy. I guess it's time to take stock.

I did an accounting of what we have in the bank, then I started projecting expenses. Of course there are bills to pay plus more spending while on vacation. I honestly don't enjoy doing this because it's a tedious process. I have to take everything into account -- all our accounts, all our bills, etc. -- before I get the whole picture. And oh, I forgot about this and that. It's a usual thing and it's no fun at all.


But what if you have a centralized facility where you can view all your finances and expenses at once? Wouldn't that be great? It is great, and thankfully there is such a facility available on It's a read-only site that pulls information from sources you have enrolled, like your savings account, checking account, credit card, and more. You can also categorize expenses, set budgets, and see your progress. Information gets updated every time you log in.

With this online facility, you can also keep track of your investments, buy stocks online, and get help from them as well. It's also safe as it's been verified by TRUSTe, VeriSign, and Hackersafe. And with it being read-only, you cannot transfer funds or data over the site. You may wish you could but it's better safe than sorry, I guess.

Now that's what I call getting the whole picture.

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