[Project Look Book] Monday, September 26, 2011

For weeks now I've been having problems sleeping every Sunday night. Yes, only during Sundays. It takes me a while before I doze off and when I do, it's shallow and not restful at all. And last night I suddenly woke up at 4am and I kept turning in bed for a good 30 minutes or so until I got back to sleep. It's definitely not insomnia unless there's a specific type where a person suffers from it only every Sunday. Weird, huh?


In spite of my sleep deprivation, I went to work. Lots of things to do. I wore a Raoul pink and white striped shirt with blue trousers from G2000. Raoul normally has these unusually high collars in their shirts that I find it awkward to wear a tie with them. I guess I need a broader one for this because my slim and skinny ties just don't do the trick. Brown shoes and belt to complete the look.


I'm sure I'll be sleeping soundly tonight.


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