Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beckham undies for H&M

February 2 will see pieces from David Beckham's Bodywear collaboration with H&M finally hit stores. It's already long been announced last year and the wait is almost over.

beckham x h&m bodywear 01

Beckham, of course, is modeling his own creations. It's a given. After all, he did model for Armani underwear with wife Victoria for a time.

beckham x h&m bodywear 02

So what do these undergarments look like? They're all classic pieces in blacks, whites, and grays; no fanciful designs here and they say much attention was focused on the function and quality of the garments. It's a two-year collaboration, so they need to be pretty good to keep selling within that period.

beckham x h&m bodywear 03
beckham x h&m bodywear 04
beckham x h&m bodywear 05

If you wanna see more of what's in store, there's a gallery over at here.


  1. Este chico sirve para todo! Qué completo! jeje:) La campaña le ha quedado fantástico, eso hay que reconocerlo :)

    Besos desde

  2. Classic, and Beckham's just say hot :D

  3. @antonio - yeah, it's like he can't do wrong.


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