Monday, January 2, 2012

[Lookbook 01.02.2012] Lucky color green


It's back to work today, the very first workday of the new year! I actually felt kinda weird last night preparing what I wore today. It's like I wasn't used to it anymore or something, and yeah, to think it's been only a week.

So this morning a colleague commented that, like her, I was wearing the new year's lucky color. I don't know where she got that but all the green in my outfit today was purely coincidental. I was supposed to wear something else but I noticed a rip in the pants; so there. But about the green being lucky, I'll take lucky anytime.


After picking this green-and-gray gingham shirt and gray pinstripe pants (yes, gingham and pinstripe!), I remembered my new green bag and thought I should use it. Then instead of showing some ankle, I covered 'em up with socks that had lots of green. Overkill? Maybe, but I believe it's all about owning it.  What do you guys think?


At least the shoes aren't green.

Shirt (G2000); pinstripe pants (from MBK in Bangkok); belt (H&M); socks (Billy Berg from Urban Outfitters); shoes and bag (Zara).

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