Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Milan FW: The theatricality of Versace F/W 2012-13

Don't get me wrong; I like theatricality in some aspects. But it doesn't mean I loved everything from Versace's F/W 2012-2013 collection, which definitely wasn't for the fainthearted. In hindsight the pieces were loud and in-your-face.

I did love a couple of pieces, though, like this embellished denim number below. There also was a pants version but I'll be happy with just the jacket.

versace 01

Although I wouldn't go for some of the suits, there were others that were tame enough for my taste.

versace 02
versace 03

Okay, that second jacket wasn't so tame but I love it nonetheless. I wouldn't know where to wear it, though. To a party, I guess?

There was also this quilted leather jacket that wowed me although I would have wanted it to be less bulky. And oh, a blood red suit! But of course I'd have to break it down if I were to wear it (assuming I can have one). Love the accessories, though; reminded me of Prada.

versace 04
versace 05

The details were over-the-top as they can be yet to me they somehow fall in the right places. The prints were, of course, very Versace -- loud and proud.

versace 06
versace 07

I also dig some of the footwear. In tighter shots you can also see more details, like on the sides of the red pants below.

versace 08

And oh, the bag!

versace 09

You can check out the full collection over at here.

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