Thursday, March 1, 2012

[Lookbook 02.29.2012] Blue and gray on a sunny day


Just clowning around, doing the "Angelina leg" here. The Oscar-winning actress sure did something that had people talking, and how quick for it to become a meme. Whatever, I still like her although I must agree that she needs to eat. She's just far too thin right now. I guess that's what six kids can do.

It was a bright and sunny "leap day" yesterday, as have the past few days been. It's that kind of weather that always has me wishing I were in a beach somewhere (I wouldn't mind going back to Sheridan in Sabang). After going all floral last Monday, I went the dark route here.


I pulled out a dark blue patterned shirt. I thought black pants would be predictable, so I opted for light gray. Somehow I think it provides enough contrast and balances the dark tone of the shirt. I kept the tie, belt and shoes black, though.


It's a new month.
Patterned shirt (G2000); trousers (Topman); tie and belt (both SM Department Store); shoes (Frank at Traffic).


  1. I like your Shirt!

    Great look.

    Besos chipless by Dave V.

  2. Hahahaha, Angelina leg, you just made my day :D


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