Friday, March 14, 2014

[Lookbook 03.14.2014] Deception


When people at the office first saw me this morning, they were all wondering why I looked so "formal" on a Friday (in our office culture, a long-sleeved shirt is already considered formal). These were the people who only saw half of me and were so easily deceived. Well, their sense of wonderment instantly vanished when they saw the full getup.


Haha! It's a Friday, for crying out loud! Of course I wouldn't wear anything "formal." So anyhow, I finally tried on these cropped pants I got last December. The challenge, of cousre, was how to dress it up for work (although strictly speaking, they probably still won't qualify as office-appropriate).

The first and easiest step was to wear a long-sleeved shirt. I picked white because apart from being the safest, it neutralizes the "shock factor." Or at least I think it does. I also thought of adding a bow tie or some suspenders but quickly decided against them. Let's keep the top simple, I thought.

The next decision was about the shoes and whether or not to wear socks. I chose my funny-looking lace-ups and since I'd be reporting for work, I thought I'd only be showing too much leg if I didn't cover up. I originally wanted reddish socks but they weren't high enough, so I settled for this blue and maroon striped number. Then some nerdy glasses to complete the look.

On another note, I was alone at home and there was no one to take my photos. So I made do with my camera's timer and actually enjoyed the process. I pulled along Mr Deer here to join me and unlike our cats, he was very cooperative. Haha! Oh please, just indulge me.


Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Great outfit! I love how you have spiced it up with rolled up pats and colourful socks!

  2. Oh yes the camera old friend lol. I really love the shock factor at first I thought it was a simple look and what a surprise I got...totally decieved and loving it!


  3. cool post !
    follow4follow ? ;)

  4. Super nice outfit
    Very cool pics too
    good made :)

  5. fabulous blog and i love your outfit! especially those glasses - they're so on point<3 [:
    keep up with the great work, looking forward to seeing more from you!
    by the way, would you be interested to follow each other? if so, let me know!


  6. i love your photos you are so much fun;) and i think you styled those pants perfectly with those socks!
    have a great week!


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