Thursday, March 13, 2014

[Throwback Thursday 03.14.2014] Goodbye, Mang Tomas

tbt 2014 03 13_mang tomas 01

I haven't done any Throwback Thursday post yet for 2014, and it's quite sad that I'm finally posting one but on a somber note (unless you consider funny why the hell are my eyes closed in the photo). That's my grandfather with me in the picture. He just passed away last Saturday. He was 88.

The photo was taken back in January 2002 on the evening following the interment of his wife and my grandmother, whom I fondly called "Part." The sadness he must have felt then is evident in the photograph, even when he's forcing a smile. Yes, up until Saturday my Lolo Tomas had been living for more than a decade without his beloved "Ga" (short for Pangga, a term of endearment akin to Sweetheart or Honey) but finally they're reunited.

On occasion he used to pin my medals during recognition days back in grade school (I just can't find the photos!). But I'm sure he was proud of me. And my sister. Here they are back in September 2002 during my sister's 18th birthday. At least he looked happy here.

tbt 2014 03 13_mang tomas 02

But here he looked rather displeased at what his grandson had become, taken after my sister's birthday:

tbt 2014 03 13_mang tomas 03

I remember when I was still a kid and still new to the province, he used to work at the now-closed sugar central nearby. They had a canteen where they go to for snacks but don't pay in cash. Instead, each employee filled out a small piece of paper they call a vale slip indicating the date, their name, the items they're consuming, and their signature. These slips were then totaled twice a month and deducted from their payroll.

The cool thing was that families of the employees can also sign such slips! Well, my Lolo Tomas said that whenever I'm hungry I could just go to the canteen and get what I wanted. Ever the obedient grandson, I did just that.

Come payday, everyone at home was baffled at the huge deduction from the canteen. They checked the vale slips and wondered about the signatures. They were mine. I explained they were with Lolo's blessing but of course they told me not to do it anymore, or at least not that often. But my Lolo never said anything to me. Scratching his head, he probably thought I wasn't technically at fault. Haha!

I'll miss you, Lolo.


  1. Im sorry about your grandfather passing away but at least he is resting in a better place and watching over you...besides the memories you have will make him live forever.


  2. Beautiful memoirs... as long as you remember him... he will still LIVE
    kisses from Miami,


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