Thursday, August 13, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 13Aug2015: The lazy look

Traffic's building up outside as everybody else is making his way home while I... just look on.

A lot of office people probably are at their most "formal" on Mondays, gradually relaxing a bit each day until the run-up to Friday. Not that I did the formal to casual route this week but I was simply in a very relaxed mood today outfit-wise.

I went with my go-to lazy wear today -- the pullover or sweater. Mixed and matched the purple color with some shades of brown. I'm not sure if I tried this combination before but it works. Meanwhile, the loafers cement the casual vibe although I had a blazer in hand just in case I needed to appear more corporate.


The weekend's just around the corner...
Pullover (Celio); leggings jeans (Uniqlo); loafers (Artwork).

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  1. Nice Look

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