Monday, September 5, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Peeking duck

halfwhiteboy donald duck shirt 01

I'm never one who shies away from wearing cutesy stuff, like t-shirts with cartoon designs, for example. And never mind how old I am because I don't care.

But of course I understand there are others who prefer subtlety to loud prints, a route which I also take depending on my mood. So here I'm keeping it discreet with a tiny embroidery of Donald Duck peeping out of a pocket. Ironically, though, a lot of people seemed to notice it more. Talk about small design with a big impact.

halfwhiteboy donald duck shirt 02
halfwhiteboy donald duck shirt 03
halfwhiteboy donald duck shirt 04

After a couple of months being confined to wearing loose-fitting pants (at least around the thigh), I'm glad I could go for skinny and slim-fit options again. Then it's a pair of high-top sneaks to seal the deal.

halfwhiteboy donald duck shirt 05

Hello, Monday! Long week ahead but let's all enjoy it, shall we?
T-shirt (gift); pants (Uniqlo); sneakers (Zara Man); watch (Pebble Time Steel).


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