Wednesday, September 27, 2017

FRAGRANCE | Vial trial: Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

halfwhiteboy - boss bottled night 01

I recently went through one of our drawers at home and realized I have quite a few unused fragrance samples--you know, those little vials in tiny packaging handed out by department store sales people whenever you buy fragrances from them. I thought I should use them. And review them perhaps. After all, my fragrance reviews on this blog tend to be generally positive because they're mostly fragrances that I bought, that I picked after several rounds of sniffing and trying stuff on at stores.

These samples, on the other hand, were merely given to me. I didn't choose them, so I think it would be a little fun to review stuff with which I don't have any biases to start with. Hence, my "vial trials!"

First off is Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss.

halfwhiteboy - boss bottled night 02

Bottled Night starts off sharp with a very, very faint hint of floral that quickly dissipates. To me it has a synthetic and rather generic smell that barely changes in the drydown, if at all. It remains sharp and metallic on my skin but stops short of smelling like bug spray. I know it sounds harsh but I've tried several mainstream fragrances with pleasant openings but for some strange reason all end up with a metallic bug spray-like note in the drydown. Of course it could just be my body chemistry not agreeing with them.

This Boss frag lists Lauro Amarelo wood and musk as base notes but I do not get any wood or musk at all. It's that same sharp smell that lingers instead, which is too bad because I'm a sucker for warm and woody scents. That said I don't see anything "night" here, and to me it's more of a casual and light daytime fragrance than anything.

Bottled Night has a rather mild projection while longevity is weak, moderate at most. Overall it just doesn't work for me. I do suggest trying it on your skin first, however, to see if it works for you. 😉

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