Tuesday, May 15, 2018

LOOKBOOK | Suited down in plaid

halfwhiteboy - plaid suit 01

I love plaid, which is obvious since I own plaid shirts, plaid pants, and plaid blazers. I think it's because the pattern alone already speaks volumes, more so if it's a full-on suit or some other matching clothing set. This affords you ease in putting an outfit together because you only need to find something in a plain and solid color that matches or complements your plaid piece.

halfwhiteboy - plaid suit 02
halfwhiteboy - plaid suit 03

But of course you need not be confined to plain colors, as you can always run wild with your creativity and imagination. As for myself here, I'm taking the safe route, dressing it down as usual.

In that regard I have this predilection for wearing a t-shirt with a suit, a rather effortless, if not lazy, approach. I picked pink since it goes well with blue although I reckon powder blue and mint green would also be perfect.

Finished off the look with blue loafers. I'll be the first to admit that the pants are too long for me and that I need to see a tailor. However, I contented myself with folding the hems. For now at least.

halfwhiteboy - plaid suit 04
halfwhiteboy - plaid suit 05
halfwhiteboy - plaid suit 06
halfwhiteboy - plaid suit 07
halfwhiteboy - plaid suit 08

How about you, what's your take on plaid? Or cats?
Suit (Zara Man); V-neck tee (Bench); loafers (Pedro).

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