Tuesday, September 9, 2008

That 70's look

MBK has been finding joy lately in scoring vintage finds online. And she surprised me last week with something for me. A little birthday present, she says. Actually, it's one of several presents so far. My birthday's not due 'till next week and the surprises just keep on coming. Oh how I love her. I'm one lucky guy.

Anyway, this is what she bought me from eBay:

Two tank tops with that unmistakable style from the '70s! See the photo prints, the colored piping - they're so '70s! They fit so snugly and I wonder, were people back then that thin? But I love 'em. In fact, the fabric is very much different from those of today and is arguably of better quality.

But what's really funny about them is this:

Yes, the tag says Gayfit! From what MBK read on the item description, they're "dead stocks," never sold, never worn. But even if they were made decades ago, I could still probably say that they're new.

Gayfit. What the heck! I'm just gonna cut off the tag.

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