Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last Call

Today, Jan. 12, is supposedly your last chance to earn and complete your stickers for a Starbucks 2011 planner (but then they've extended it to Jan. 16)! I don't know but there's this sense of fulfillment and joy when I completed all 17 stickers and got my planner...

rszDSC_8936, planners. Yes, My Bibe and I were able to secure all three designs!

Wood, Metal, and Velvet - got them all before 2010 ended.

I was actually surprised myself, especially since I've only earned a Starbucks planner once in my life. But the culprit has been named: VIA. Since it came out, there was no other instant coffee for us.

Last year it was a coffee bean-shaped marker; this year it's a Starbucks cup! Sweet.

Oops! There's one more.

Yup, got one more. Because we were stashing VIA sticks, we ended up with a bunch of cards all half-filled with stickers (the non-Christmas blends side). Last Monday I bought a peppermint mocha and two boxes of VIA. The barista asked if I was collecting stickers; told her I had lots of half-filled cards with no chance of chugging 9 cups of toffee nut latte. Sayang daw. And then she suddenly turned into a fairy god-barista and purposely put all 7 stickers on the Christmas blends side! Scoured through my cards and bam! Another planner.

Okay, so now that there's another extension, there's a window that I may end up with just one more planner. No pressure though.

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  1. what are u gonna do with all those? i suggest you sell it while you still can! :)


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