Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scents, scents, scents - which bottle to open?

I just used up this tiny 15ml bottle of Polo Ralph Lauren Modern Reserve - finally!


It was actually part of a travel pack I got at a Duty Free in NAIA 2 back in June last year (while waiting for our flight to Bangkok). I know, it sounds crazy we actually bought stuff before we even left the country.


I love scents but I try my best not to open so many bottles at once. At most three are in rotation. My Terre D'Hermes (which I adore) is also slowly drying up. Done with Body Shop White Musk and Davidoff Cool Water as well.


Now I can open a new one, right? But which one?


You'll never guess what I picked, especially since it's not in the photo. Got at least one compliment yesterday when I first used it. Not to worry, some sort of review is due in another post. I'm still "feeling" this new scent.

Update: It's from the much-maligned Hayden Kho. But put all prejudices aside because Hayden Kho's line of fragrances may surprise you.

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