Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inferiority complex

A few weeks ago I received a comment on one of my Daily Doodle posts inviting me to join their Daily Doodle - 2011 Taro Gomi group on flickr. I was actually surprised someone else with the Taro Gomi calendar found me - particularly someone else who not just had the calendar but who also doodled on it everyday, took a photo of it, and posted it somewhere.

Curious, I checked them out and I was, like, wow! I was simply awestruck with their doodles. Some were already more than doodles but still, wow! A sense of shame and insecurity suddenly crept within me. Should I really accept the invitation? To get an idea of where I'm coming from, here goes:

This is a sample pre-doodle page:
02 07a

This was what I did with it:

And this was what someone else did (by Duncan Creamer):
Doodle a day: Burka Sherpas

Another example:
02 22a


Someone else's (Duncan Creamer):
Doodle da day

Their works made me cringe over my doodles. But nevertheless, it was nice to know that I had something in common with a couple of them members:


By *~ripple~*:
Daily Doodle: 2011-02-15

By Duncan Creamer:
Doodle a day - fish

Why was there a cat when all that was asked for was a goldfish (or a couple of them)?

Anyway, I joined the group. After all, rather than feed my insecurity, these doodles should instead inspire me to be more creative, practice and come up with better doodles. Besides, everything is just for fun.

You can check out the group's flickr page here.


  1. What's with the insecurity? I like your doodles... they're humourous ^___^ Have a good weekend!!

  2. i mean yours are just damn good. har har har... thanks.


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