Friday, July 15, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, July 15, 2011


Accio, Zara mint green jeans! I still have a Harry Potter hangover from last night. I loved the series so much that I went into reminiscing mode yesterday. And that state carried over into choosing today's outfit somehow because I looked into items in my closet that I haven't worn in a while. So the mint green jeans from Zara.

These jeans were last seen on me in January, I believe, which I paired with a pink polo. I thought about gray, white, blue, and a different shade of pink to use this time around but I ended up with brown. I realized it's also something I haven't worn for some time now. I know it's from People R People, a gift perhaps back in '07. Anyway, my choice was further cemented when I saw it had stitching that were the same color as my jeans's. Purely coincidental but very much welcome.

Good thing it was sunny the whole day because I wore espadrilles from a stall called OTOP in one of them gasoline stations along SLEX. I had my photos taken in the afternoon and we played with the sunlight coming through the glass windows. I thought the shoot was a little trippy. Here are the rest of the photos:



  1. You have the coolest pants, ever! i love this post!

    PS: I've noticed that I've been calling you halfwhiteboy for some time now because I don't know your if it okay to ask, what is your name? :)

    Greetings from NYC,

  2. haha! it's armel.
    thanks for dropping by, liam.

  3. hey thanks for the comment.
    Great pants, I'm looking everywhere for this color:)


  4. got it from zara, igor.
    hey, thanks for dropping by.


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