Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm in Slytherin!

After hitting a snag last night (see related post here), I finally was able to move forward this morning. I've managed to open an account in Gringotts, strike off everything in my shopping list, get myself a twelve-and-a-half-inch wand fashioned out of sycamore with dragon core, board the Hogwarts Express, collect a couple of Chocolate Frog Cards, and finally, get sorted.

I was extremely anxious about it, the whole sorting process, much like every other incoming freshman at Hogwarts. As I answered each of the seven questions thrown at me,  I took screenshots to "document" my journey (though I'm not sharing them with you so as not to spoil everybody else's would-be experience with the sorting process). And then the screen was filled with green...

Untitled-10 copy_adj

I instantly went crazy. It was such a relief to belong with wizards and witches who were destined for greatness, much like Merlin and uhm, Lord Voldemort. And reading through the welcome message was a blast.

As of writing this post, Slytherin had the fewest share of the sorting process with 35,873 students. All the rest had more than 36,000 led by Ravenclaw (36,280), followed by (surprise!) Hufflepuff (36,061), and Gryffindor (36,028). Nevertheless, my house is leading the House Cup with 20,468 points, followed closely by Ravenclaw with 20,403 points, then Gryffindor with 19,317 points, and Hufflepuff with 18,727 points. I'm gonna have to work hard to earn Slytherin more points and further cement our lead.

I say, go Slytherin!!!

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