Thursday, September 15, 2011

In spotlight at NY Fashion Week: Shorts

I'm not much of a fashion watcher but I recently thought of checking what's up at New York Fashion Week. Looking at photos over at, I noticed a lot of shorts from different Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Here are but a few of what I love:

From Parke & Ronen:

Parke & Ronen01
I love the details on the sides. The tank's also nice.

Parke & Ronen02
I really love short shorts, and this one is no exception. The blazer's nice, too.

Parke & Ronen03
Parke & Ronen04

From Billy Reid:
These ones I really love for the patterns. Not boring at all.

Billy Reid01
Billy Reid02
Billy Reid03

From General Idea:

General Idea
Plain and simple but it's the length I love. Plus the colors available are fantastic.

From Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger01
And the boots are looking good, too!

Any favorites?

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