Friday, September 16, 2011

Wish list: Tops and jackets from NYFW

It's my birthday and I'm really wishing for a lot of things (see here). If only my wish to be extremely rich comes true, then all these stuff I'm seeing from New York Fashion Week would all be mine. Here's the second part of my wish list of items from the runways of New York.

From Duckie Brown:
It's the floral prints that I love here. I could really see myself wearing these.

Duckie Brown03
Duckie Brown01
Duckie Brown02

From Antonio Azzuolo:
The blazers are to-die-for. Definitely office-worthy to me.

Antonio Azzuolo01
Antonio Azzuolo02

From Buckler:

There's something about this shirt that I love. It looks plain but to me it looks very sexy.

From General Idea:

General Idea01
Subtle with a sudden pop of color. I also like that orange belt.

From Parke & Ronen:

Parke & Ronen01
Another sexy piece of clothing. I can imagine myself in it but no, my scars will be on full display. I could just have the shorts then.

From Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger01
The white stripes are quite nice.

From Roberto Cavalli:

roberto cavalli02
The jacket!

roberto cavalli01
Everything in this ensemble drives me crazy, shoes included. That top underneath the mustard jacket is just awesome.

Now it's time to close my eyes and make a wish lot of wishes...


  1. Happy Birthday! Some of the blazers are wonderful, and the colours so out there taht i would just to have one for winter here! Lucy we also have a Buckler store here in Toronto, which I raid during sale time.

  2. thanks, man! unfortunately we don't have buckler or duckie brown here. well, good luck on your next raid.

  3. the Duckie Brown prints are kinda rad...too bad i don't do prints. anyway do check out my menswear blog...i'm based here in pinas too...


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