Friday, September 16, 2011

Wish list: Pants and bags from NYFW

I mentioned in a previous post that I noticed a lot of nice shorts from Spring/Summer 2012 collections featured during New York Fashion Week. But shorts weren't the only items I'm drooling over. I'm loving a lot of pants, bags, jackets and other tops. Since it's my birthday, I'm including these (and those shorts) in my wishes when I blow the candles on my cake (Do I have a cake?).

Because I'm wishing for a lot, this post will only feature pants and bags.

From Roberto Cavalli:

roberto cavalli02
I love both color and pattern. And the blazer's equally hot!

roberto cavalli01
Mustard is a prominent color in various collections showcased at NYFW. I probably won't be wearing the pants and jacket together but I could at least have the pants.

From Gant Rugger:

Gant Rugger01
It's the color I'm primarily in love with. I also like the cut and the length, perfect for showing some ankle.

From Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger01
Camo reinvented. Camos have been making a resurgence in runways lately and I love Hilfiger's take here.

Tommy Hilfiger02
Orange pants! How nice is that?

From Antonio Azzuolo:
It's the bags this time. It's the same style but of different colors. I couldn't pick which one I like better.

Antonio Azzuolo01
Antonio Azzuolo02

From Nautica:

This tote came in an array of different color combinations. I want one.

Now it's time to check if I do have a cake and candles to blow.

Check out the other half of my wish list here.


  1. I am wanting all of these looks! Just have to get some cash!

  2. yeah, we definitely need cash. lots of it.


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