Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dropping by Enchanted Kingdom

It's that time of year again when the company I work for throws a family day for us. This year, we had the freedom to choose from among four different venues. As expected, Enchanted Kingdom, or EK, as we fondly call it, was one of the options. And like an annual family tradition, My Bibe and I always make it an excuse to spend the night in Tagaytay and just drop by EK.

The Space Shuttle, EK's roller coaster of a ride.

Last year I posted an introspective on how I seemed to have been taking this EK thing for granted (see post here) and sort of promised to dive back into that magic that was lost in me. Well, I think it's safe to say I partly fulfilled that promise.

We arrived at around 1pm and headed straight for lunch inside the park. It was scorching! Nearly everyone was seeking refuge from the sun inside shops and under every shade available. But I was ready to spend a few hours there before driving to Tagaytay.


While I was simply clad in shorts, a polo and espadrilles, My Bibe, on the other hand, was so cute in a back-baring dress and uhm, four-inch pumps. Who does that? Only my wife apparently. Well, she wasn't really planning on trying the rides in the first place.


I don't know if I've just forgotten but EK had their own little parade around the park, featuring Eldar the Wizard, of course (but whom my camera wasn't able to catch), and a bunch of other characters. The parade was short and the mascots and other participants were arguably in a hurry to get it over and done with. I mean, imagine yourself inside a mascot costume walking under the 35-degree (Celsius) heat if you won't want the parade would to be over soon. While I wish the parade were even half as grand as Disneyland's, I bet it's still fun for the kids to watch.


Because the heat seemed to have cast a lazy spell on us, we only did the ferris wheel, where there wasn't much of a line. Later I did the Space Shuttle alone. It's been years and I wanted to be reminded of how it felt to go around loops. It may not be the scariest roller coaster out there but it's good enough for some thrill-seeking.

The Wheel of Fate, EK's ferris wheel.

Me enjoying the breeze from high above.

The Space Shuttle. There was a time when I'd fall right back in line immediately after completing a ride.

Although I suck at playing games, the stuffed toys were very inviting. My Bibe kept bugging me for a huge one that I can only get by winning some games.


So tried my luck at something. It's that game where you have to pass a metallic ring through a grounded maze without touching the metal. This one, however, was a moving spiral. And if you don't move the ring forward, you'll end up back at the top of it.


After several tries... well, judging from my expression, you already know what happened.


I gave up. A couple of times I came so close but my unsteady hands and impatience got the best of me. I tried two more booths but both were unsuccessful. So no toy. And to add insult to injury, I kept on seeing people everywhere carrying stuffed toys big and small. Haha! Sore loser.

Why do I feel like this bear's been hanged to death?

It was time to go. Despite the heat, I had a fairly good time, however short it was. Maybe when I have kids we'd be here the whole day trying every single ride permissible for a toddler.

On our way out, we saw some Eldar stuffed toys peering through the windows again (just like last year), and he asked if I was able to rediscover the magic...


I said, yes. Sort of.


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