Sunday, August 19, 2012

Man of style: The late Manuel L. Quezon

Today, August 19, 2012, marks the 134th birth anniversary of the late Manuel L. Quezon (1878-1944), who served as the second president of the Philippines from 1935 to 1944. He is largely credited for promoting Tagalog as the national language and is therefore known as, well, the "Father of the National Language."

This post, however, will not focus on any of his achievements as President but on his impeccable sense of style. Oh yes, the man did have style (unlike this sloppy joke of a president who can't even walk straight that we have today)! So since I haven't done a Man of Style post in a very long while, I thought today would be the perfect time to do one.

manuel quezon 001

Scouring the web for photographs of Quezon, I was struck by how the man had always been suited up and perfectly composed. He always looked dignified. Superficial as it may sound, I believe the way a public official dresses also contributes to the amount of respect that he can command. Look at how Quezon rocked a three-piece here:

manuel quezon 002

manuel quezon 003

He also seemed to favor double-breasted suits, though this may sound presumptive. But I mean, look at how he wore them to the hilt -- with ties that ranged from loud, patterned ones to more understated pieces. And oh, he also seemed fond of inserting a flower into one of his suit's buttonholes.

manuel quezon 004

manuel quezon 005

And because he dressed well, he sure was able to hold his own beside former U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and other dignitaries. He never looked out of place.

manuel quezon 006

manuel quezon 007

manuel quezon 008

He also knew how to rock a bow tie!

manuel quezon 009

Huge lapels were also the order of the day, and Quezon sure did justice to them.

manuel quezon 010

Even in his more relaxed state, the former president had always been a stunner. A gingham shirt, a white suit, tie bar, pocket square, spectator shoes -- you name it!

manuel quezon 011

manuel quezon 012

Even without the suit and tie, he still looked damn good!

manuel quezon 013

Nowadays I lament the widespread loss of style among our public figures. They don't seem to care about how the look anymore. I understand that duty should come first but I do put a premium on how my President, my Vice President, my Senator, Congressman, et al. dresses and conducts himself. Besides, even those who dress badly aren't necessarily doing their jobs well. More so, seeing them on TV is only proving to be an eyesore already.

manuel quezon 014

Oh, Quezon, I hope I'll get to see another president as dapper and as well-dressed as you have been one day. No, make that soon.


  1. He was a really stylish men, that is so nice to see.

  2. He was always so stylish. He is an icon.

  3. "doing jobs well" aside, I think GMA during her term was very stylish. But I lament with you on the bad taste of most of our public servants. Bland and boring! But this President here makes me proud!

    1. i know. i want our leaders to dress well, be presentable, be men and women we can be proud of.


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