Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GQ goes "linsane" this November 2012

I may already be a little late in posting this but what the heck -- it's Linsanity in GQ's November 2012 issue!


I haven't heard from NBA phenom Jeremy Lin in a while, and I, for one, thought that the whole Linsanity thing was over. But GQ put the man on the cover and brought him back into everyone's consciousness -- okay, at least in mine.

So how did the mag dress him up? Well, as what I'd expected, slim-cut suits with sneakers were in order. What I didn't expect were that the sneakers were high-cut ones and that they made him wear a hoodie underneath a suit. Interesting move. And I actually like the results.


Hopefully the issue is already available this week here in the Philippines. Need to get my copy.
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