Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[Lookbook 02.02.2013] Señor Santibañez and Facundo


I had the fun of staying at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan over the weekend. With hordes of transplanted heritage houses all around me, the cam-whore (or cam-gigolo?) in me was unleashed. The lovely setting likewise spoke of grand haciendas of old and somehow reminded me of Doña (or Señora) Angelika Santibañez of the hit 90's Mexican telenovela Marimar.

Doña Angelika was the villain, one who always looked down on Marimar and the poor in general, forever barking orders at her servant Facundo. Thanks to memes that glorify her snobbish attitude with humor, the character is currently in a resurgent mode, at least among Filipinos since the memes are in Filipino. Marimar was dubbed in Filipino when it was shown on TV here.

So just for fun, I thought of channeling my inner Doña Angelika as Señor Santibañez, with an imaginary Facundo in the background.


And just for the record, since most of the photos here look their best in sepia, I'm wearing a purple polo shirt paired with white shorts and blue leather slippers.


So here goes Señor Santibañez...

"Facundo, masyadong mainit! Ipa-aircon ang buong hacienda!"
(Facundo, it's so humid! Have air conditioning installed throughout the whole hacienda!)

"Facundo, gusto ko ang fountain na ito. Bilhin ito nang maiuwi na sa bahay!"
(Facundo, I like this fountain. Buy it so we can bring it home!)

"Facundo, bakit sarado ang restaurant na ito? Bilhin ito nang mabuksan na't nais kong kumain!"
(Facundo, why is this restaurant closed? Buy it so we can open it because I want to eat!)

"Facundo, bakit nakayapak ang mga manok na ito? Masyadong kawawa. Bilhan silang lahat ng mga sapatos!"
(Facundo, why are these chickens barefoot? They're so pitiful. Buy all of them shoes!)

"Facundoooo! Sinong hampaslupa ang sumira ng monumento ko?"
(Facundoooo! Which vagrant destroyed my monument?)

"Facundo, gusto kong palitan ang mga painting na ito ng mukha ko."
(Facundo, I want these paintings replaced with my face.)

"Facundo, tawagin ang pari! Nais kong magsimba."
(Facundo, get the priest here! I want to hear mass.)

"Facundo, hindi ko gusto ang mga tanawin mula dito. Palitan ang mga tanawin!"
(Facundo, I don't like the view from here. Change the scenery!)

"Facundo, nanakawan tayo! Nawawala ang lahat ng kagamitan!"
(Facundo, we were robbed! All the furniture's gone!)

"Facundo, bilhin ang bahay na ito't dito patirahin ang mga aso!"
(Facundo, buy this house and let the dogs stay here!)

"Facundo, ipasara ang kalye na ito! Nais kong magkape dito sa labas."
(Facundo, close down this whole street! I want to have coffee here outside.)

'La lang. These old structures just give me that feeling like a don thing.
Polo shirt (Giordano); shorts (Regatta); leather slippers (Oxygen); watch (Jeremy Scott for Swatch, decorative frame removed).


  1. seems like you had fun going to this place, like the fact there are still historical place in the PH! :)

    1. i sure had. the houses were actually from different places in the PH.

  2. i love the ancestral houses in the philippines....very picturesque.

  3. Nakakatawa yung caption sa manok..
    This is one of the place i really wanna visit.. is it expensive going here Sir? Malayo ba?

    Sobrang ganda ng mga shots

    1. hehe. thanks.
      it took us 4 hours including stopover for lunch.
      is it expensive? ok lang naman.

  4. genial las bermudas.....muy buenas fotos

  5. This is a so beautiful place. Love your outfit too. Perfect photos, thanks for sharing.

  6. Yes, that's true. Best regards from Germany, my friend!

  7. wow!! that's an amazing place, with a lot of history too, and you have the perfect outfit for the day, the polo is so cool.

    I have to say my favorite pics are the one with the chickens (so funny), and the last one (it could be a cover of a magazine or a great poster)

    1. haha! hey, you're from mexico, right? but you're too young; you might not know about Thalia or Marimar.

  8. Place is amazing loved the photos :)

    Style Braid

  9. the first picture is AMAZING! you should print it and place it somewhere special!
    Kisses from Miami,

  10. thank you for this friend is inviting to visit bataan for road trip and definitely wl visit this place!

    I love the ancestral houses and your photos give justice! perfect!

    1. go! but it's quite far from the highway, as it's on the opposite side of bataan.


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