Thursday, June 20, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 06.20.2013] Flood-tastic in black and white

It's that time of year again here in the Philippines when rains come pouring, typhoons wreak havoc, areas are flooded, classes (and sometimes, work) are suspended, and traffic comes to a standstill. Frustratingly enough, this is also the time when government officials talk of flood control projects and whatnot--right when the monsoon season is in full swing! Of course everyone forgets about them when it's all sunny.

2013 06 20_j victor flood 01
Me, several years ago and several pounds lighter.

That said, I've unearthed some black and white photos of me wading in floodwaters right here in Makati, which were taken sometime in 2003 or 2004. Yes, they're all in black and white because I used a black and white film.

The area we lived in along J. Victor near Washington and Makati Cinema Square was prone to flooding. So with nonstop raining, this came as no surprise at all. But even if it was just nice to stay home in bed that day, I think we ran out of food then, so we had no choice but to go out and get ourselves wet, which actually turned out to be a fun thing for us housemates.

2013 06 20_j victor flood 03
At the talipapa (small market) area, ironically my first and only time there. I prefer the supermarket.

2013 06 20_j victor flood 02
Street or sidewalk, no one's safe from the flood.

2013 06 20_j victor flood 04
Just me goofing around.

However fun it may have seemed back then, I don't really intend to do it again. Once is enough. Besides, I hate floods.


  1. omg, somuch water!
    you look fab though!

    New outfit post; Catch the light

  2. Wooow!

    Much water!! Anyway, you have a great photos in that situation!



  3. I love black and white photographs and these ones turned out really nice! Floods must be terrible, we rarely have them, but it happens sometimes that some of us rivers overflow.

  4. That's not so great, i think, even if the photos are amazing

  5. Well don't worry, in 2013 Athens looks the same as your pics when it rains hard.......
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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