Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Lookbook 09.04.2013] Wingtips are red, outfit is brown


Yes, that's a red shoe you see in the photo. You can say that I'm bored with the usual black and brown, so why not go red?


The color red, especially on shoes, may be a bit too much for most guys but I do have a bit of flair for flare in me sometimes. Besides, the last pope, Benedict XVI was often seen wearing red shoes as well.

When I first saw it in a store, it was instant attraction. I got excited that it wasn't a loafer or any other casual shoe, which meant that I could wear them to work. While the shoe design may be classic brogue, I love that it's in quite an unconventional color.

Of course the next challenge was what to wear them with. I know I can easily pair these shoes with jeans or something but I wanted to go with the usual office attire, and brown proved perfect. Today I went for a combination of light and dark shades. Black and gray would be nice too, I guess.


So what do you think, yay or nay?
Shirt (Merger); pants (Tyler); red wingtips (Call It Spring); belt (Hickok).


  1. A great pair of shoes in my opinion, it is the perfect pop of color to your outfit!



  2. as you said, it can be a bit too much for most guys (like me) but i give credit for those who can pull it off...

    YAY for me...

  3. Looking posh, as you always do. Thumbs up for the shoes, they are great with this pair of trousers.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. I do love the contrast. You really look great :) Added you on google+
    Katrina V


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