Lost in translation

Ikaw ba'y nalolongkot, nababagot at walang makaosap?

Still can't get over what happened yesterday that became a source of so much fun. It all started when churchovdeath, my officemate, asked me to try Google Translate.

Pretty much nothing, one might think - until I was told to translate "molecule mad" from English to Filipino. See what happens...

Crazy, right? So you could imagine the laughter. I don't know but Google translates "molecule" to "titing." It won't appear as that in some combinations, though. It will simply appear as "molecule," like in "mad molecule," which will translate to "ulol molecule."

Nevertheless, all you need is a dash of creativity and you're sure to have one helluva good time. It's an effective de-stressing mechanism at work, I tell you. Now here are some tried-and-tested suggestions for you (WARNING: For the green-minded only):

molecule veiny and mad
lick the molecule mad
molecule entered the vulva
molecule slither to fanny
sell of molecule mad
molecule angry want with enter vulva
molecule pressed zest
nest of molecule angry
felix blot
with molecule tiny, refused the vulva
no tight to vulva to molecule mad
vulva poke you
poke your vulva

I wonder if anyone has hacked into Google's translation machine. Or maybe some Filipinos working for the internet search giant are simply playing mischief, like in the case of "whore:"

And try reversing the order, Filipino to English, with "pekpek" and you'll get a really weird result:

Care to use the last one in a sentence? Or would you like to represent our country, perhaps?


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