Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anda, Bohol: The shoreline going north

Last year My Bibe and I vacationed at Anda, Bohol. It was our second time there and we still love the place. The beach may not be as fantabulous as Boracay but it has its own charm. For one, there's much less tourism going around and although there are a bit more resorts than there were five years earlier, they're far apart from each other, nestled in between fisherfolk's homes and uninhabited areas. So you still manage to get that "untouched" feel to some extent.

Taken during low tide near the poblacion. It's a common sight to see people walking along the exposed white sand beach.

While Anda White Beach Resort is still a good 15 to 30 minute leisurely walk to the poblacion, our resort during our first time here was much farther away. We took a cue from some German guy's blog post and did what he did: we went walking along the beach in Anda all the way from his resort to the town proper. It was a fun experience that took us the whole morning to do, with several stops along the way for some picture-taking, sunbathing, and swimming. We approached a dead end and walked through cornfields because we didn't want to swim around to get through, came across a "mini-cave" and back again to the shoreline.

The cornfields, by the way, was not your usual farmland. It was littered with limestone rocks and farmers planted corn wherever they can find some earth in between. It was a reminder of how hard life it must be for them.

Anyway, My Bibe and I did "the walk" once again but this time it was much shorter. Here are a few snippets of what it's like along the beach.

I always love seeing dogs on the beach. I don't know why but I just do.

It must be really wonderful to stand here during high tide, when you got soft sand under your feet.

I enjoy seeing these traces of burrowing in the sand, courtesy of some mollusks or tiny crustaceans perhaps.

Anda is obviously a fishing town. No grand-scale fishing, just small-time fare enough to make a living.

Fishermen readying their nets.

And someone's up for some fishing today, the bayanihan spirit very much alive.

During low tide, many residents scour the shoreline for some shellfish. Reminds me of my childhood where I also got to experience this many times over.

This section is designated as a public beach. Cottages like these - replete with videoke machines - are available for rent for the day.

The beach couldn't get any wider than this. I still remember our first time here. This spot is fronting the poblacion.

In my next post I'm showing you the Anda shoreline going south from our resort.

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