Thursday, April 28, 2011

Princess of Coron (and our limited experience around town)

Instead of staying at the Club Paradise resort all throughout our holiday, My Bibe and I opted to spend our first two nights at Coron town. Not only was it more economical but it was also much nearer as a jump-off for island-hopping tours in Coron.

After a series of inquiries, I found us a room at Princess of Coron (sounds like one of them passenger vessels from Sulpicio Lines). Although as expected accommodation was never a wow, but I liked the shaded, garden feel upon entering the vicinity.


Princess of Coron is owned by the Hauffmans. I think the guy is Austrian (since Princess calls itself an Austrian lodge) although he speaks a lot of Tagalog. "Akala ko puti," he remarked at me one night. He said he thought I was white. Well, just half-white. Speaking of night, that same spot above looks like this:


Outside, the lodge looks less of a lodge and more like a modestly rich family's residence. You enter through a gate.


I don't know about the other rooms but ours was quite small, claustrophobic to some extent. As I was forewarned it had no TV, but it was the only room left at the time I called them up (at Php 1,300). So I grabbed it anyway. Not that I'm complaining a lot but the sheets were just tacky (as you can see below) and it took forever to shower because of weak water pressure. On the plus side, though, the air-conditioning worked, the staff are friendly, and there are dogs, cats (There's a cattery in Princess of Coron!), and birds around.


The lodge also didn't have any restaurant although everything else in Coron is pretty much accessible on foot or via tricycle. We were referred to Kawayanan Grill, a typical outdoor restaurant with bamboo-and-nipa huts for eating areas. It was Good Friday and we pigged out (sorry, God). At only Php 500, the lobster, which we asked to be cooked in garlic butter, didn't disappoint.


My Bibe and I had breakfast the next day at a neighborhood carinderia, and tried Bistro for dinner. Serving international - minus all the fancy stuff - cuisine, it's a joint frequented mostly by Caucasian tourists. I had pork tenderloin in pepper sauce and I was satisfied. Generous serving, if I might add.

We weren't really able to explore the town but from what we saw, the place looked a little backward even with the considerable influx of tourists. Not that it's bad; may even be good quite frankly. Coron is a relatively quiet town and most of the action centers on the marketplace. I just wished I had more time.

For Princess of Coron reservations and inquiries, you can call May at 09186146620, 09194095548, or 09186146620.

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