Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Busuanga Airport Management

Dear Busuanga Airport Management,

In case you haven't noticed, your airport is in such a dismal state. Yes, you may only charge us 20 pesos for terminal fee but I think even the most basic of facilities are wanting. Besides, other countries don't charge passengers any fee yet they have the best terminals around.

Can't you even afford a faucet and some running water?


You see, water is necessary in keeping your toilets clean. Look what happens when there's no water.


And it smells, too. What would your foreign guests say? How can you attract more of them to this part of the archipelago with this?


So you may not afford air conditioning in your terminal but can you at least have more than one electric fan? It was unbelievably stifling in there. There was absolutely no joy in sitting inside your pre-departure area, especially when your flight was delayed. The beauty of Coron and Busuanga -- all those lovely island-hopping trips and awesome dive sites -- are easily forgotten as you sit and wait in utter discomfort and agony.


Oh, and while you're at it, please do buy an x-ray machine. Believe me, baggage checks are going to be so much faster.

And if the government is really bent on promoting Coron and its surrounding islands as a top tourist destination, then you need to shape up. Your airport badly needs an upgrade. I don't know who's gonna have to fund it and how you're gonna do it, you just have to.

Hope to see improvements real soon. Or is it wishful thinking?

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