Breakthrough tech with the Lytro camera

I may not be the first to admit, but I do admit, that I'm not alien to having photos with out-of-focus subjects. Sometimes it's a hurried shot. Other times you think you've focused it right but when the photos come out, turns out you haven't, errors you realize you've made only after you've downloaded them to your PC or Mac. Sorry, can't do anything about it anymore.

But with the advent of next-generation camera Lytro, that should no longer be a problem. Imagine having the power to adjust the focus of a photo after you've clicked the shutter! No more wasted shots! Seriously!

Thankfully, a Silicon Valley start-up thought of it. And the brains behind the technology is Ren Ng. But how does it work?

The camera uses a special kind of sensor called a light field sensor that "captures the color, intensity and vector direction of the rays of light," which completely runs against traditional camera sensors that adds up all light rays and records them as a single amount of light. That's what their website says. But do you understand a thing here? I don't. And I don't care as long as I can adjust the focus of a photo after the picture was taken.

I think it will be much better if you can try it yourself. Just click on any part of the photo you want to focus -- it's that easy! And if you enjoy playing with it, you may also enjoy playing with a whole gallery from Lytro's website.

Do we see the end of traditional digital cameras here? I don't know yet. Well maybe, but not soon. From what I've read, the first camera will be out later this year and looks like it's gonna be a point-and-shoot that fits in your pocket. The file size, they say, is comparable to that of a digital photo but I don't know exactly. I don't even know the camera's specs (megapixels, ISO, white balance options, shutter speeds, etc.). But would they still matter? I don't know. God, I don't know anything!


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