Thursday, June 2, 2011

Butterfly on Prat: A charming butterfly

We're already leaving next week for another trip and we still don't have a place to stay. A couple of times I've browsed through sites for hotels in Hong Kong but ended up undecided and all the more confused each time. Last time we stayed at boutique hotel Butterfly on Prat. I have no problems staying there again except that I want to try other hotels. And it doesn't help that I'm still undecided whether to stay in the Kowloon or Hong Kong side.

Anyway, about Butterfly on Prat; it's part of a chain of three boutique hotels in Hong Kong, all of which carry the name Butterfly. Each hotel is distinguished by its location: Butterfly on Prat is located along Prat Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui, Butterfly on Morrison on Morrison Hill Road in Causeway Bay, and Butterfly on Wellington, which opened only in September last year, on Wellington Street in Central.

Butterfly on Prat was a 2010 Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice winner, so I thought it must be good. Well, it was good and a little less expensive than most hotels in the area.


We stayed in one of their Superior rooms, which was expectedly small. However, it was space well-utilized. Here's a quick tour of our room and the rest of the hotel:

The room had a queen-sized bed with just about enough space to move around on each side. On the right side is an extended working desk. Internet, by the way, is free. Oh, and they've also got an iPod dock.

To save on space, they've mounted the TV on the wall, a rather trivial but effective strategy.

As you enter the room, this is what you'll find to your right: a closet, safe, personal fridge, a coffee-making facility, and a microwave oven. The microwave can come in handy for those traveling on a budget. We never got to use it, though.

Fronting the closet is the bathroom with a separate shower room. But my, oh my, it's clear glass!

The sink is smartly squeezed into a tiny space. This photo was taken from the shower. And if you'll notice, there's a clear glass just beside the sink. This means that when showering, you can be seen in all your naked glory from outside the bathroom. Not a problem for couples like us, though. But if you're traveling with someone you're not comfortable getting around naked with, you might want to ask the hotel beforehand to cover the glass panels for you.

The hotel facade, nothing grand that could wow you from the outside.

Because it's a small hotel, the lobby is understandably small.

What it lacks in size and grandeur, Butterfly on Prat makes up for with other things like ergonomic chairs and colorful lighting that's uncharacteristic of a typical hotel.

The elevator lobby. Don't you just love those egg-shaped chairs lined up against the wall?

The elevator door. I'm trying to blend in like a chameleon here.

In the same area where you wait for a lift is an internet zone for guests. We made use of this facility to book our Disneyland tickets.

I am just madly in love with their chairs. They're of the same design as with those in the lobby except that these ones here are high chairs.

They also have a 24-hour gym plus a restaurant just right beside the hotel lobby.

To know more about Butterfly on Prat, visit them at


  1. Hi. I just want to ask, if this hotel is in a good location? Is it opposite guangdong hotel? Thanks in advance! :)

    1. It's a pretty good location with a 7Eleven nearby. Not sure if it was Guangdong Hotel that was opposite it but it was an old hotel.


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