Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not to be missed: the gym and pool area at Hotel Icon

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Given that Hotel Icon had already impressed me a lot, I thought I had to check out the pool (which I don't normally do). And this was what beckoned:


Fantastic views, alright? It was just nice to spend a lazy afternoon overlooking magnificent Victoria Harbour. No worries, no nothing. The pool, along with the gym and spa, are at the 9th floor. The gym, as you can see above, is also overlooking the same spectacular view of the harbor. You can also order some food and drinks to be served by the pool; and their pizza was fairly good. Too bad I didn't get some sun that afternoon since the rest of the hotel building was casting a shadow on the area, but it was fine nonetheless. Okay, more than fine.


After getting off the elevator, going to the pool area was also quite an experience. We were promptly greeted by a receptionist who politely asked us to register. The reception was just outside the hotel's Timeless Lounge, where guests can while away time before their late flight or while waiting for their room (if they arrive too early). Although we never got to try it, I say it's a cool concept. How considerate of the hotel to think about this!

After registering, My Bibe and I were ushered into separate changing rooms (men's and ladies's). And boy, was it one hell of a changing room! Let me show you...

To the left are the toilets and urinals. I love the lighting!

Looking for soap or paper towels? Don't even think that with all the hotel's grandeur they can't provide you with such basic things because...

They're hidden from view, the handsoap and paper towels. I actually like it because it de-clutters the area.

And then after entering another door...

The sauna.

The hallway leading to more facilities.

Their lockers are really cool. The fantastic views outside only add up to the cool factor.

This is one hell of a shower room. Shower as you fancy -- vertical overhead rain shower or horizontal!

You don't have to worry about towels here.

Who says guys can't be vain? They've got shaving kits, combs, mousse, lotion, and a bunch of other toiletries.

To the left is the gym, straight up is the pool.

My Bibe enjoyed the pool. It's supposed to be heated but it didn't feel as such at that time, probably because it's summer. It's not very deep at around 4 or 5 feet.

Suck it all in, the views!

Enjoying my June GQ after pizza.

God, I miss this hotel already!


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