Sunday, October 23, 2011

The CCP's sorry state

Call me whatever you want but last Friday was my very first time to watch a show at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Well, shame on me. I've been there before for an exhibit but never for a performance of any kind.

My time there, however, opened my eyes to a couple of not so nice things about the CCP. Sure it is an important architectural landmark but sadly, it's not very well-maintained at all. It's deteriorating. I know it's an old building but it looks really old. It smells old and musty. I mean, it could very well use some renovation. Air conditioning was also poor; I started sweating the moment we entered the building.

Looking down the main lobby from the third floor.

Don't get me wrong. A lot of great aspects reside within the CCP main building. There are a number of brass and steel sculptures in there but have seemingly been forgotten. Light them up and let the people see them in all their glory! The chandeliers look good and majestic, to be fair. But the ceiling from where they were suspended was no longer as majestic. I run the risk of sounding redundant here but it does look old. Looking at it closely, though, I realized it is such a shame that it wasn't given proper care. Look at it.


I don't know what kind of metal it is but it's supposedly something good (Is it brass?). However, it's all lost in the background when I believe that this should be showcased more. Sayang.

But beyond the interiors lies another not so nice thing about the CCP. The show was scheduled at 8PM, and by that time the theater wasn't filled to capacity. I thought no one else would come, especially since I've read somewhere that they will be closing the doors once the show starts. It's a basic thing in theaters. But lo and behold, 30 minutes into the show people were still arriving -- even up to less than 30 minutes left into the show!

I hate it when people come in late even for a movie. I myself don't want to be late because I don't want to inconvenience anyone and because I know that it's irritating when people suddenly have to squeeze themselves into their seats, momentarily blocking your view and ruining your concentration, and even stepping on your foot in the process. Why would the usher ask us to move so latecomers can have their seats when they were our seats? People need to respect time. I know traffic's awful but I thought ahead and left the office early.

Now what does this have to do with the CCP? They should have just shut the doors at 8PM for all I care! I know people paid good money to see the show but they need to be disciplined. And this accommodating nature of us Filipinos is not helping us as a nation at all. Moreover, this unwillingness on the CCP's part to strictly implement their own rules is but a mere reflection of the lack of political will in our government.

Still, I hope to see the CCP restored to its full glory soon, aesthetically and beyond. Implement a system of change, and stick to it. People will only follow. Geez, Phuket FantaSea does a really exceptional job at this and it's a shame that a national center couldn't even keep up with a theme park (Read what I mean here).

The CCP. Photo from

Or is it hopeless? Tell me it's not.


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