Sunday, October 23, 2011

Versace for H&M: The complete lookbook is out!

Versace's much-hyped collection for H&M will be hitting stores on Nov. 17 (Nov. 19 in the U.S.), and the complete lookbook is finally out. So now we can all make some advanced decisions before pandemonium descends on Nov. 17.


The items really look good. Stupid as I might sound, they're "very Versace." I mean, the items scream Versace a lot. And much like the Missoni for Target collection, they've also thrown in some household items like pillows and bedspreads for this H&M special offering. For the menswear collection, however, these are the pieces I would most love to have:

Jackets! Okay, I think I can wear the pink blazer after all. And so I'm placing it here in my wish list.

versace for h&m lookbook

Yes, these are just shirts but I love the vibrant colors. Well, the black is all about the elegance it exudes. And those gold collar tips are really rad!

versace for h&m lookbook1

As for the pants, the first one is to-die-for, at least for me. I could also use the acqua and the black pants. The fit, as I see it, is just perfect.

versace for h&m lookbook2

This print here is driving me crazy. There's also a long-sleeved shirt and one more item with this print but I'll be content with these two.

versace for h&m lookbook3

Yeah, I like the pink shoes after all, even if I see very little of myself wearing a pair. The high-cut sneaks are pretty awesome, though.

versace for h&m lookbook4

If you wanna view the entire collection -- menswear, womenswear, household items -- there's a complete lookbook over at Fashionologie. The men's items start at slide number 72.


  1. I like this blazer from a third picture and black boots!

  2. can't wait to see them in stores :)

    All best wishes,
    Costin M. |

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