Saturday, November 26, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, November 25, 2011


Late post. I was too tired yesterday to even bother but my day was definitely productive work-wise. Anyhow, today I wore a tee about where I'm going to Wednesday next week. It's going to be a family visit: my mom, my sis and her family, my gramps.


The tee is a souvenir shirt My Bibe got me a while back. A colleague complimented me for it because she said it wasn't the typical souvenir shirt that she sees from every known tourist spot in the Philippines. Well, I'm not really the type who wears such shirts unless I find the design akin to my taste. Unlike in Thailand where souvenir shirts are really good, I'm quite frustrated with the totally uninspired designs available here.

I went all summery with my outfit here, adding a punch of color (albeit in a cooler hue) with the jeans, and a laid-back attitude with espadrilles.


T-shirt (Islands Souvenirs); jeans (Zara); espadrilles (OTOP).


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