Friday, December 2, 2011

Man of style: Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling 01

Man of the hour Ryan Gosling has really evolved in terms of style. Never mind that he wasn't named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine; the dude looks really good right now, good enough that a lot of people, groups, and magazines alike take notice. In fact, it's hard to think that he was once like this:

ryan gosling 02
ryan gosling 03

Nevertheless, Mr Gosling has matured not only physically but also in his sartorial style since his Mickey Mouse Club and Young Hercules days. But of course, he's also matured in his movie roles, even earning him an Oscar nod in the process. Now here's a collection of some of his impeccable looks. I skipped those from magazine shoots to reflect what his own personal style really is about.

ryan gosling 04
ryan gosling 05
Ryan Gosling

He rocks any suit, even an olive green one. Mr Gosling also looks effortlessly cool in more casual outfits.

ryan gosling 07
ryan gosling 08
ryan gosling 10
ryan gosling 11
ryan gosling 12

Absolutely cool in anything, bearded or clean-shaven, he even elevates the lumberjack look with a double-breasted version:

ryan gosling 13

Here are also a couple of slideshows of the stylish Mr Gosling on
Celebrity Style Evolution: Ryan Gosling
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  1. He definietly has come a long way. One of the most stylish men today!

  2. he is so hot, it's painful. and i LOVE everything he wears.

  3. He's hot and his style is so cool ! I agree with what you said !

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  4. So Much Swag!!! love this guy! super cool.

  5. couldn't agree more. he's become a really cool guy.


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