Saturday, January 7, 2012

[Lookbook 01.06.2012] Tough in pink


Wearing pink here. As far as I can remember, pink has always been for girls. Even from infancy, baby girls were always given pink, from clothes, to toys, to just about everything, while it was blue was for boys. So I suppose this early introduction in a person's life of pink's association with femininity has shaped most men's aversion to pink. But that notion has greatly died down throughout time, with people thinking about pink as just another color.

But my wearing pink today really had something to do with my new boots. Got them on the first day of Zara's new sale season. Although they aren't really pink, the faded effect on the material somehow makes them look pinkish. I just had to go with an item that would complement the boots's color.


To "toughen" it up a bit, I wore ripped jeans. They just go well with boots, so it's a no-brainer for me. About the jacket, just about any jacket would work with jeans but if you look closely, it's actually anchored on the shoelaces's color. That subtle reference also gave me the license to go on with a similar hue for my belt.


Happy weekend, everyone!

V-neck tee (Bench Body); jeans (Bonavita at Prima Linea); jacket and boots (Zara); belt (Emporio Armani); watch (Timex).


  1. I thought the same thing about pink ! but now the notion of girly pink is dead as you said ! I think that your outfit is really genious and awesome, love the boots and the jackets ! always glad to pass by your blog xx

  2. Hi honey!
    I'm fascinated by men who know how to use pink! It is very stylish is not it?
    This production was very beautiful! Congrats!
    I came to thank you also for the message you left on my blog, thank you! Happy New Year to you!
    I wish that this year is much better in every other way and that our blogs have much success!
    I'm very happy to hear that you liked my style. Thank you for your expression of affection, admiration and respect.
    I'm sorry if I can not return at the same time because of my other functions but I always reply.
    Tks again!

  3. Nice and simply outfit!
    Love the tone of pink!

    Follow for follow?

    xx Italy


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