Friday, January 13, 2012

[Lookbook 01.13.2012] Spotted on Friday the 13th


It's the first of three Fridays the 13th this year! What are the odds, huh? To me it's just another number, though, and in fact, my day went on as usual; no spooky or unlucky stuff whatsoever. Except for an airport taxi that arrived 30 minutes late this morning, I was very much in a good mood, sunny as my polo shirt.

Maybe that huge timepiece you see in the photo is one reason. It had been laying dormant for more than a year until I finally had its battery replaced right after New Year's, so I was glad to use it again. I'm pretty sure I won't miss the time given its size.


It could also be the spots on my new footwear. I got them on sale last week at Zara, together with those faded red boots I wore last Friday. I just couldn't resist the spots although I don't know what animal it's supposed to resemble. It's faux animal hair, so PETA, back off. I remembered my cow socks and thought I should've worn them with these sneakers and just go overboard. Maybe next time.


Because I already have the watch and shoes as statement pieces of sorts today, I kept the rest of my outfit simple with a plain polo shirt and black jeans.


And to counter the overly cold office airconditioning, a leather jacket in green did the trick.


Happy weekend!
Polo shirt (Giordano); jeans (Topman); belt (from MBK in Bangkok); leather jacket and sneakers (both Zara); oversized watch (Aldo).


  1. The watch and the shoes are amazing!
    dangerous on a Friday 13 !!


  2. I only realised it was Friday the 13th when it was almost over :D
    One done and dusted, two to go, haha!

    Love your watch! x

  3. freak i love the yelllllow polo shirt !!


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