Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Milan FW: Power dressing with Prada F/W 2012-13

We all probably know that Prada made a splash in Milan this week with a couple of celebrities walking down the runway including Willem Dafoe, Jamie Bell, Garrett Hedlund, Adrian Brody, and the venerable Gary Oldman who closed the show. Sure the presence of celebrities caused quite a stir but Miuccia Prada gave a fantastic collection, regardless of any celebrity working the catwalk.

Prada's Fall/Winter 2012-2103 collection spoke of power in elegant suits and a lot of really strong coats. As always, I am in love with the fabrics and all that color. The tailoring was impeccable. I also love the strong accents like this oversized collar over here:

prada 01

The coats were an array of classic and statement pieces. And of course, I love the statement pieces!

prada 02
prada 03
prada 04

There were waistcoats as well, ranging from plain to striped. And they did pair the striped one with striped pants. Hmn...stripes on stripes, it's something I definitely do.

prada 05

The suits were really sharp, and double-breasted was the way to go (Can't help but love my DB jacket even more). I also have always admired the colors Prada uses, and how they put them together to create an outfit. As was the case with the waistcoat, I saw stripes on stripes and also purple on gold.

prada 06
prada 07

The garments look even better up close; you can appreciate all the details even more.

prada 08

Prada has always used some interesting accessories in their shows, and Milan was no exception with some colorful pins and badges. And of course, the shoes: rubber-encased pieces and some floral painting on them -- why not?

prada 09

Go view the full collection over at GQ.com here.

All photos from GQ.com.

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