Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blackie loses to Uggie at Golden Collar Awards

So the cute one trumps the doberman at the inaugural Golden Collar Awards, which honors canine actors in film and television. Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier of "The Artist" fame, claimed the trophy for Best Dog in a Theatrical Film last Monday (Feb. 13), edging out last-minute nominee and fierce rival Blackie, the doberman from "Hugo."

Uggie at the Golden Collar Awards (Photo source)

Just last month Martin Scorsese, Blackie's director in Hugo, successfully campaigned for the doberman's nomination (see related post here). Since then, Blackie and Uggie were constantly pitted against each other as frontrunners for the award, with their "rivalry" heating up as the ceremonies drew close. Scorsese even had to defend Blackie from rumors that the doberman's performance was a product of CGI. Very Hollywood! But all in good fun, I suppose.

Although Blackie skipped the ceremony, fans were in full support where at least two Blackie lookalikes were in attendance.

A Blackie fan (Photo source)

Uggie, along with five other winning pooches, each received this cute little trophy with a crystal-studded collar:

GCA Official Trophy Photo_Website

It may seem like a joke but the awards are a recognition for the dog trainers as well. Besides, how could anyone not find this whole thing cute? I'm so looking forward to next year's derby already.

The Golden Collar Awards are organized by Dog News Daily.


  1. uggie was the best... though i also loved the dog in 'beginners.'

  2. i just find this whole awards thing really cute.


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