Saturday, February 18, 2012

[Lookbook 02.17.2012] A dressier polo shirt


Last night Kwittiegirl and I went out for dinner with a couple of friends -- a rarity! We don't really enjoy going out on Friday nights anymore because of heavy traffic, difficulties in finding a parking spot, and the like (translation: we're getting old). So it was a welcome break for both of us.

It's jeans day so here I was in dark jeans but I wore a top that added just a tinge of "formal" to my outfit. Polo shirts are very casual pieces but this one I'm wearing here slightly veers away from the ordinary. I think it's the material, a shiny textured fabric. I could actually wear a bow tie with it! The undersized collar has buttonholes on each tip meant for fastening. Hmm, I have to try that one time (And I did! More than 3 years later! Fasten the collar, I mean, but sans the bow tie.).


To add some color I wore my colored ombre boots and a red striped belt. They're of the same family but not matchy-matchy, so it's all good. I also challenged myself into wearing this colorful watch that My Bibe gave me for Christmas last year.


I wouldn't normally be comfortable because my initial thought is that it clashes with the belt and shoes, but after a while I thought it was okay. I was just thinking too much, perhaps.


Polo shirt (G2000); jeans (Penshoppe); belt (Polo Ralph Lauren); boots (Zara); watch (Lacoste).


  1. Love the watch and the shoes :D

  2. I've always liked that kind of shirt,
    I love the way out the clock in the outfit!


  3. Great look! I love that polo shirt! Polo shirts in the Philippines are truly awesome!


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