Monday, February 27, 2012

[Lookbook 02.27.2012] In full bloom


By the looks of it, summer's gonna arrive early this year. It's really been warm and humid these past days, so I thought of wearing something summery today -- a floral-printed shirt. And it's not just the print that makes this shirt scream summer; the sheer fabric is equally responsible for it.

I know a lot of guys still shy away from floral prints. I say, lighten up. Floral prints can both brighten up your mood and elicit the same feeling from others. But if you still can't call yourself to wear one, start with subtle patterns, then slowly build on it until you're comfortable with bolder prints. As for the shirt I'm wearing, I consider it somewhere in between. I guess it's the neutralizing effect the pattern of white circles has on the floral print.


To tone it down, I grounded the shirt in an earthy color, hence, the brown trousers. This, in turn, provided me the license to put on some not-so-subtle plaid high-cut shoes. Though the shirt's and the shoes's patterns are very different from each other, the solid neutral color of the pants ties them together.


By the way, I had to wear a v-neck undershirt because of the shirt's sheer fabric. I could actually do without one buy hey, I'm wearing it to the office, not to the beach.


And the irony of it all? It rained in the afternoon.
Floral shirt in sheer fabric (Oxygen); pants (Dansen at SM Department Store); plaid high-cut shoes (BonaVita at Linea Italia).


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