Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marni for H&M: Campaign and lookbook samples

I don't know if it's just me but it seems that there's much less noise about H&M's latest designer collaboration with Marni than its last one with Versace. It's gonna be out in select H&M stores starting on March 8. So what do they look like? Here's a sampling of their campaign and a couple more from their lookbook.

marni for h&m_campaign1
marni for h&m_campaign3
marni for h&m_campaign2

I love the shirts, even if the two above are plain. There's just something about the colors that I like here. Unfortunately the men's pieces are more restrained than the ladies's. There's much less prints here, which I was expecting a lot of given that it's Marni. Now here are a few from their lookbook:

marni for h&m_lookbook01
That scarf looks nice. Hmn...

marni for h&m_lookbook02
That dual-color tie is kinda cute. And I'm digging the cut and fit of the shorts here.

marni for h&m_lookbook03
The pants again! Slim, shorter length -- perfect for summer with those sandals!

marni for h&m_lookbook04
Yellow shorts = love!

marni for h&m_lookbook05
I love the juxtaposition of slim and roomy here.

For more stuff, head over to H&M's official website here. Prices start at $9.95 and peaks at $99.


  1. I think that men's collection is much better than the one that was made for girls :D

  2. Amazing! I totally love this collection and the loobook is amazing! <3


  3. I love this collection. Beautiful pieces. The lookbook is really nice.


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